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I never dreamt of studying abroad when I was in high school. I was very good in the sciences and I wanted to be a doctor.
Things, however, changed after the mocks in my final year. On account of my record grades, a district education officer recommended in passing that I should ‘look for a scholarship to study in America’. I took this quite seriously and followed it up with my secondary school principal the next day. Looking back, my principal knew quite little about how the scholarships work. He held me in his office talking about people he knew in places like Oklahoma, Portland and schools he heard about like Ohio State University. He also mentioned schools like the African Leadership Academy, to which he had hoarded a pile of dusty application forms. I find this at once funny and frowned upon because he never told anyone about them.

My school principal did not recommend any schools to me nor offered any clear guidance on how I could ‘look for a scholarship to study in America’. My teachers also did very little to help. I don’t blame them. They may know more now and that makes me contented. However, I know that there are many students across the country who, unlike me, want to further their education abroad. I created this to offer you accurate and up to date information and tips on how to reach this goal.

This is an effort to engage every teenager (and young adult) from those who are beginning to figure out how to get the best of high school, those who’s KCSE exams are around the corner to those who already completed high school. Our articles will help you organize your high school experience in preparation for a life abroad. In addition, you will get the preparation you need on how to do well in entrance exams (Oh yeah, you have to do exams) and the information you need to select the best school out of the wide spectrum of colleges and universities outside Kenya.

What is more amazing is that you will not just be learning from me. I will share the combined experiences of top students from schools like Starehe Boys, Alliance High School, Maranda Boys, Kenya High School and the like who went on to study in the best schools in the world. Tapping into a network of very smart friends who went to schools like Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, we will give you the best guidance that I wish I had sooner back in high school.

In a nutshell, my experience was onerous but worthwhile. I want yours to be meaningful without busting a gut. I was finally able to study at an Ivy-League university thanks to the effort to institutions that I will reveal in preceding articles. Studying in the US is the best experience I have had in my life so far. This is not to imply that studying in Kenya will not offer you a great experience – it will. However, if you are talented and motivated, studying abroad will give you a chance to reach your potential in ways that local universities may fall short. This may end up making a significant difference in your life.

About Author

Daniel is the Founder and Captain at Hashtag Media. He is an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy-League university in Philadelphia, USA, where he graduated with honors in Economics.

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