School Fires


It is simple, you burn your school, you burn your future.

Lately, we have seen many fires in secondary schools around the country. According to the Cabinet Secretary for Education, Dr. Matiang’i, most of these fires have happened in county schools and sub-county schools. The most circulated reason is that the Ministry of Education added a few extra days of school for the second term of the academic year.

School Fires


We are used to schools asking form 3 and form 4 students to remain behind for tuition and parents pay for it. That is before the holiday tuition programmes were banned. So, what are a few extra days? Also, we get to have a shorter third term!

Clearly, there is absolutely no justifiable reason to burn your school. Whoever burns the school is the fool because, as I have mentioned earlier, the top national schools are not doing it. They understand the connection between their school and their future – and they will be your bosses in a few years.

Enough said. Stop the fires and be a little patient.

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