Most Popular Mobile Apps in Kenya 2016

This is for those who are curious about technology – or if you just want to know what kinds of mobile apps Kenyans use the most.

Here is a list of top 10 most downloaded apps in Kenya in 2016. Featured in the list are the obvious ones that you can already guess: (1) WhatsApp Messenger (which is owned by Facebook) (2) (Facebook) Messenger – also a facebook App 😎  and (3) Facebook App, of course 🙄

Then things start becoming more interesting

(4) TrueCaller ID & Block – the app that helps you identify people who call you with phone numbers that you have not saved in your phone. Also, you can use this app to block someone from calling you if he/she is becoming a nuisance. At position 4, it turns out Kenyans don’t fancy a nuisance. 😂 😂

facebook-lite(5) Facebook Lite – This is just like Facebook, but it loads faster and uses less data than the regular facebook that we are used to. It is designed for 2G networks and can work on most android phones. You can try it out if you feel like someone is really stealing your MBs 😅 😝 – we have all been there.

(6) Tala – Through this app, you can access loans of up to Ksh. 4000, money in your MPesa. Follow the link to know how this works.

(7) Opera Mini – This is a web browser that is just perfect for mobile phones

(8) Uber – You can use this app to call a taxi.

Imo App

Imo App

(9) Imo free video calls and chat – this app offers free video calls to anyone else who has this app on their phones. It claims to offer high-quality videos and works with slow networks. You can try it out for yourself and judge.

(10) Instagram 😳 😳 – Yes, I am also surprised that Instagram came in at number 10/10 given that almost everyone in Kenya is on IG these days! It could be that most people already have it installed so they do not need to install it again. Also, IG requires a lot of data so most people just avoid it to save on the MBs (to use on WhatsApp 😉 )

Let us know what you think of our list. Till 2017, stay trendy 📱📱

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