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Instagram’s new series highlights underrepresented young people, which many times includes black people. 🙆🏽🚶🏾 ⛹🏾

On social media, we tend to display our highlight reels, often failing to capture the trials and tribulations of backstage real life. Instagram is aiming to change that with a new series called #GoingThroughIt, where each day this week on their account, they’ll be featuring a new inspiring millennial who advocates for social justice, equality, and underrepresented communities.

According to Instagram,

Teens on Instagram have truly embraced our platform as a way to share their authentic selves in a safe and comfortable space. The #GoingThroughIt series, which highlights a selection of teens who have dealt with hardships and how they are managing through it, encourages the community to rally together and uplift underrepresented causes.

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You want to see how this works? Here are some inspiring creators you can check out. You can even get some ideas on how to be a social activist yourself!

  • @mesopotami, an 18-year-old refugee from Iraq, writer, and the creator of the young writer platform Narratio.
  • @vivnunez, a 23-year-old who, after her mother and grandmother passed away, launched @2DamnYoung, a resource for those coping with grief and loss.
  • @goodgyaljj, a 22-year-old photographer with a focus on body positivity for minority groups and people of color.

As always, stay trendy! 📱

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