Mommy Jeans Lookbook

Remember when growing up and we saw our moms wearing these absolutely ridiculous-looking and ill-fitting jeans at least that’s what we thought, and we couldn’t fathom why anyone would wear such awful clothes? mommy jeans 2

You ask how I know? Well; maybe coz I have 4 of them, or coz I ransacked my mom’s closet looking for one, or coz I still want more in different hues Guilty hoarder. And in the spirit of considering myself a fashion-forward woman, I think any/all of those points count. Haha.

mommy jeans 1

Anyway,my friend Rshan and I decided to style these jeans. Rshan is a congolese fashion blogger based in Kenya. She runs the blog and her content ranges from DIY and her awesome personal style. Just head over to her site to see what I am talking about. Each one of us did three different looks and somehow we ended up with almost similar concepts.

mommy jeans 3

mommy jeans 4


Photos by Kevin, Bustier top: Cittifficial klothing

Till next time stay safe.Lots of love

Lots of love


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