Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

Wake up, go to class, have lunch, more classes, head to the dorm, eat dinner, sleep, repeat… yawn. Is this really all there is for us? Is there any escaping our routine?


Our “comfort zone” is an artificial boundary which gives us a sense of ease and security – everything is routine and safe. Granted, everyone likes to have familiarity. However, if we insist on settling in our ways, we may not achieve all that we are capable of. To snap out of being too easy-going on ourselves, we need to move out of our comfort zone. Everyone needs a bit of adventure in their lives every now and then, right? So, if you think you’re deep into your safe, snuggly comfort zone, never fear; here are a few things you can do to change it:

Find out what your comfort zone is, then figure out which parts of your comfort zone you want to change.

  1. Be comfortable with discomfort – don’t shy away from what challenges you, do what you’re afraid of and go through with it.
  2. Don’t take yourself too seriously, see failure as a learning curve and focus on the fun.
  3. Just think about all the men & women throughout time who left their comfort zones to fight for more and what they achieved from it.

Mother Teresa was an inspirational humanitarian, inspired by the love of God. She was dedicated to helping the sick, poor and helpless. She sacrificed a lot, giving her life fully to help those who were less fortunate.

Not all of us do great things but we can do small things with great love”

Why not try some of these ideas to break out of your comfort zone:

  • Travel somewhere new
  • Don’t always stick with your close friends
  • Ask for something you don’t think you will get
  • Give away something you are afraid to lose

Daring to get out of your comfort zone will benefit you greatly in life. You’ll achieve more and things you thought were impossible suddenly become all too viable. You can surprise yourself – stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to your best performances. You will also be able to cope with change better – the more you push yourself to do things you don’t want to, the less stressful unexpected situations can be. By doing this, you gain greater experience of life, and learn new skills for the new situations you’ll find yourself in.

Just remember… life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Adapted from tmagazine UK

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