Game of Thrones SN 7 Delayed

Sad news for the lovers of Game of Thrones ☹️  😤

Jon Snow

David Benioff, the executive producer, explained the decision to postpone the seventh-season premiere of Game of Thrones (GoT), from its typical April rollout. Remember the “Winter Is Coming” phrase that keeps being repeated in the show? Now the long winter is actually coming, and Game of Thrones would need a shift in production by postponing their regular schedule to winter (as from November) ⏲ ❄️.

Winter is here. We’re shooting in places where there are trees. We have to wait until the leaves fall off to shoot scenes as winter. That means production won’t finish until February, for a season that will have seven episodes, not the usual 10.

– David Benioff 🎬

So, there you have it, you will have to wait longer for the next season, and it will not be the usual 10 episodes but just seven episodes. But I am sure the series would be fire as usual (h).

While you wait for winter to pass, winter is still coming in Westeros. Here is a video teaser for sn 7 to heighten your suspense.

As always, stay classy 😎!

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