Features of everyday things whose use you probably didn’t know

If you are an average person, you just like to use things without asking questions.

Here are a few things we use every day with hidden features you might not have noticed but means a lot and serve a special purpose.

1. The hole on the side of your pen

pen-holeAt a first glance, it might strike you as just a design but it is there for a reason and meant to serve a good purpose. Without the hole, a pen will be completely airtight and as you write and use the ink, the pressure will fall preventing the ink from flowing to the tip and eventually the pen will cease to write although there is still ink in it.

On highlands or in airplanes where the pressure is lower, a pen with no hole can explode soiling your attire with ink. The hole equalizes the pressure in the pen to allow it to write. So the next time you see it, you should know it is not just there for fun.

2. The little hole in the cap of a pen

pen-hole-topYou might be wondering why there is a little hole at the tip of the cap of your pen and you might not see the importance of it or you might assume it is just a design, but it really serves a significant purpose.

Without that hole, whenever you close your pen, the air trapped in the cap and the inserting of the pen will create pressure which will push the ink out of the tip of the pen preventing it from writing and secondly, it is meant to prevent death if you accidentally swallow the cap. In case you swallow a pen cap, the hole will help you breathe easily till it is surgically removed, without it, many people would have choked on it and died.

3. Little hole in a padlock

padlockWhen you check the bottom of your padlock, you will notice there is a little hole close to where you put the key to unlocking the padlock. This might mean nothing to you but it is there for a purpose. The hole is meant for you to grease your padlock in case it gets rusty and gets stuck and you need to get oil in it. It is also meant to drain water that gets trapped in the padlock. If your padlock does not have the hole, then it is made out of stainless steel and it is supposed to be used indoors to prevent water from getting in.

4. The blue part of an eraser


You’ve seen those erasers that have one blue side and the other to be red? Many people think that the blue is meant for erasing pen writings, most of us try it and it obviously doesn’t work, we end up tearing our books. This is because the blue side is not meant for that, it is actually meant for erasing pencil writings on hard surfaces while the red side was meant for erasing pencil writings on soft surfaces. Now you have it, you can teach it to your friends so they don’t repeat your mistake.

4. This thing at the end of the laptop cable:

ferrite-beads-cable-endThe bump at the end of your laptop cable known as “ferrite beads” is not there to distract you or mess up your day. It is not just there for fun but serves a good purpose. It is there to prevent interference in the cable. Honestly, we don’t know much about this one. Ask your physics teacher maybe?

We bet you didn’t know much about all these stuff, right? Well, I guess you learn new things every day! Now go ahead and show off to your friends. 😂 😂

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