Fame. Overrated?

15 minutes of fame. That’s what a lot of us wish(ed) for, I mean, who doesn’t want to be known?

That one moment, to stand in the spotlight and shine. That moment people stand, applaud and praise you. You’re recognized. People finally see you but as I said, 15 minutes of fame. The light dims soon after, leaving you where you were before, struggling to shine again. We’ve all been through this and recently, I did too. I got my 15 minutes of fame and trust me, it’s one of the most brilliant feelings you can ever have. It’s amazing when you get that on, shining moment but when the light dims, it all seems like a distant dream that you’re still trying to reach. So, why bother then? Why try so hard to prove yourself when you know you’ll just go back to square one? I was working on something recently and I did really well. I actually managed to get some recognition for it but once that chapter was closed, the lights went off and I was back in the shadows in the blink of an eye, so what’s the point?

We all strive for greatness. In Chinua Achebe’s book, ”Things Fall Apart”, the protagonist struggles for success, only for him to kill himself, in the end, the act of a coward and a failure (sorry for the spoiler!). He spent his whole life trying to build his name and every time he did, things fell apart. I feel like that man. I bet we all do sometimes. We spend our whole lives looking for greatness, success; something worthy, something to make us great and when we’re about to reach it, it all seems to be a dream, and by the time we realize it’s a reality, it’s too late.

So again I wonder, what’s the point of all of this? Struggling to be great then the rug is just pulled beneath us. Success also brings joy and misery. It’s lonely at the top; even 15 minutes will teach you that. I mean, if being at the top means toppling someone over and just crushing their spirit, I ask again, what’s the point? By me just doing my thing, and doing the best I can in what I do, I made allies and in the end, I ended up hurting these people. I never meant to, nobody ever does but nobody ever believes you. It’s like a double standard the world holds you up to. Everyone wants you to be the best but no one wants you to be better than them.

Another thing about success, there is always one person one step ahead of you. I did what I did and in the end, the light dimmed so quickly on me. If it was someone else that light was shone upon, the praises would go on and on. Why is that? You work so hard to achieve something and in the end, you just sit there like nothing happened. You’re just chasing the wind. You realize the people ‘supporting’ you are only looking for a way to bring you down. The more successful you are, the more snakes you have around the more venom you receive so tell me, what’s the point of all of this?

I’ve tried to come at peace with this but honestly, I can’t. With so much hate and spite in this universe, I don’t know why one would strive so much to reach the top yet, on the other hand, I do. The 15 minutes of fame; the joy in our hearts, the recognition you get and the stories that will be told about you for days to come which will leave a smile on your face. That’s what we strive for as a people; we hope. We hold onto things that we want; that we desire and hold dear to our hearts and then when they’re torn apart to pieces, in the end, we learn and we grow. I learned; partly what I learned is that nothing- especially at this point of my life- is worth hurting someone or stressing yourself over. I hurt a lot of people indirectly, people who are dear to me, and people who have now become distant due to those 15 minutes. I get why successful people could be the saddest in the world now; I get why success is overrated and I finally understand content people. One of the people I hold dear to my heart is one of the most content people I have ever met. Trust me, she’s not rich or anything but she’s… fine. Never complaining and always smiling, this woman has always been a puzzle to me. I always wondered why she doesn’t move on with her life, better herself and find greener pastures but now I see, everything at the top is nothing but a lie. You’ll always sink back, back to the sharks you overtook who will be ready to tear you apart. She’s happy, why can’t all of us be? I thank God for everything He’s done for me so far, and I also thank Him for opening my eyes. All this, the fame, is all an illusion.

The saying, “the grass is greener on the other side” is a lie. I just wish I could emulate this amazing woman. We all should. I mean, struggling for the top has brought all the issues we’re faced with; if we just let it go, won’t all our problems be solved? I don’t know about you, but for me, 15 minutes of fame aren’t important anymore. Our future, our success all lies in the choices we make, the paths we take will determine the futures we want to formulate.

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