Career Advice for 404s (Part 1/2)

According to a recent survey, 4 in 10 people end up working in an unfulfilling job because they didn’t know what else to do. 😁 😁
Given that you’re currently getting ready for KCSE, the chances are that you’ve started thinking about what your career options might be for the future. The trouble is, that with so many options out there, how do you know what career will be right for you?

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We’ve put together this blog post to provide teenagers with a structured process for choosing a career. There are three stages in the process of choosing a fulfilling a career. The stages are:

  • Reflecting
  • Researching
  • Planning

Today we tackle the Reflecting Stage:

The first step towards finding a fulfilling career is to think about the type of career that you’d enjoy doing. It’s also important to consider what you think a ‘good’ career for you actually means. For some people, a fulfilling career might mean one that pays well, whereas others might see a good career as one that allows you to manage your own workload.


To help you determine what a fulfilling career looks like to you, try arranging the following statements in order of how important they are to you.

  1. A job with a high paying salary is important to me
  2. I value having the freedom to work using my own initiative
  3. I enjoy being part of a team and working with other people towards a common goal
  4. I take direction well and I prefer to follow instructions from others
  5. I want to be my own boss

Consider the order in which you’ve placed these statements. The ones that you’ve placed at the top of your list are most likely the ones that you value the most when thinking about careers. Try to bear values in mind when carrying out your research as they can impact what type of career you might want to pursue.


How do you spend your time after school and at the weekends? Do you have a particular hobby that you enjoy? Do you play any sports? Do you spend most of your time with friends on in your own company?

Your personal interests can be a good starting point for reflecting on possible career options. One of the things that the survey we mentioned earlier found was that people 40% of people end up leaving their job because they don’t want to regret spending their career working in the wrong industry for them.

If you’re able to find a career working in an industry that you have a genuine passion for, then you’ll get more job satisfaction and will generally be happier with your career choices.


What are you good at? Do you have a talent for writing? Are you good with numbers? Maybe you can play a mean guitar solo or have an artistic flair?

Whereas every skill can be developed, most of us have one or two that just seem to come naturally to us. When it comes to reflecting on your career options, it can help to think about what skills you already have.

If you’re a people person and are good at talking people round then perhaps a career in sales or PR would be good for you? Or if you work well with numbers, then perhaps you should look at a career in finance or management?



Are you a naturally outgoing person, or are you more reserved? Do you prefer to think things through logically or trust your instincts?

Taking the time to think about your personal qualities can help ensure that you choose a career that’s suited to your personality. For example, some careers are known for being high-pressured and busy, whereas others are known for being more creative, requiring you to think on your feet.

That is all we had for today to get you reflecting. Watch out for our next post to get you started on Researching. Got a question? Please do not hesitate to send us a message on the following WhatsApp number dedicated just for you: +254 702 592372

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