April Holidays: How Smart Students are Spending Their Break


Ok, these are the holidays. Only a week left. You feel like you deserved time to rest, but you are wondering where all that time went. You feel unprepared to get back to school.

But also, if you are smart, you’ll know that staying four weeks without taking a quick look at your books is not wise. In fact, since you do not have a lot of school pressure, and you do not have to worry about waking up too early and eating bland food, you can have a better time studying at home than at school. 

Holiday tuition was completely abolished in Kenya. This makes sense because students need rest after intensive three months of learning new things. But more importantly, this rest gives you a chance to revise and digest what you have learned in school.

This is critical because it helps you to reflect and internalize what you have learned and not just merely remember the facts. It also gives you time to talk about what you have learned with your family and find ways of applying these concepts in real life. This is, after all, the key reason we go to school.

But we know that distractions are always around. And laziness is real. Here are tips to keep your focused and get ahead during the holidays: 

(a) Create summaries and organize your notes

In school, most of the time, you write what the teacher asks you to write. At home, take the time to read through what the teacher asked you to write and compare that with what the textbook says.

Then, try to write down what you understand from that and compile an easy to understand notebook that you will use during exams. If you write your notes yourself, you will always remember what you learned.

(b) Create a separate book of facts and equations 

Sometimes, especially in subjects such as Physics and Chemistry, there are many formulas that we need to keep track of. Keeping a separate book with these formulae can help you review them quickly before an exam; especially when you do not have enough time to read the entire chapter, for example.

The thing about formulae and facts is that you understand them with more practice. As much as you are transferring them to a different book, also make sure that you are practicing them at home.

(c) Set mini-tests and complete them

To test whether you understood the class material or not, set a test for yourself and time yourself as you take it. You will notice that there are a few questions that you always do poorly in. This is your chance to extensively research on topics related to these questions and get better at them.

(c) Read ahead

Read at least one chapter ahead on a few subjects. You will not only enhance your understanding in previous chapters but this will also get you ready for the next term. You can also do this collaboratively wiht your friends. Meet up with a few friends and instead of discussing a video game, for once, talk about the exciting new chapter in Biology. 

(e) Read a novel

Reading a novel is the most fun way of studying. When you read a book (a fantasy novel, or a biography, etc.) you keep your mind busy with interesting stuff. You also sharpen your language and grammar! Reading books also improves your creativity, so if you want to be an artist, a photographer, a producer or a writer, reading books helps to improve your imaginative power.

I hope these tips help you stay on top of your academic game!

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