Ann Mutienee: Top Student KCSE 2015

Ann is a quiet and composed young lady. That is the much I got when we first saw her at Equity Bank, Donholm branch in Nairobi where we conducted our interview.

She was dressed in a trendy suit and was confidently serving customers on Equity bank’s digital platform. From how she knowledgeably interacted with customers, there is no way you could tell that she was a teenager who just sat for her KCSE the previous year. 😎  💃🏼

Ann 3

A resident of Nairobi, Ann is the eldest and only girl in a family of three. She says that her greatest motivation is her parents. They give her “relevant advice and support especially during the hardest times of her life.” She is also very fond of her siblings both of whom are young boys: one in secondary school and the other in primary school.

Given that she was the top student in her district, Ann was selected to be a part of the Equity Leaders program. This program has offered her an opportunity to work with Equity Bank where she is currently a Relationship Officer in charge of Equity Bank’s digital platform at Donholm branch. A huge part of the program is about mentoring her on leadership values but she admits that she is learning a lot by meeting different people in her day to day life at the bank. Ann is also taking violin classes during the weekends.

Ann 4Ann is a part of other top students working with Equity bank under the Equity Leadership program. This program, she notes, has completely changed her life. She has met many top students with whom she has forged friendships and exchanged insightful ideas. She believes that she is in the right company of like-minded leaders who are set to transform Kenya.

At the bank, Ann is also a high performer and her branch manager is very fond of her. As a Relationship Officer in charge of the branch’s digital platform, Ann’s job is to sign up Equity bank’s customers to Equitel, a new revolutionary mobile platform. Ann believes that Equitel is the future because it integrates the clients’ bank accounts with their mobile phones. Given that mobile money is ubiquitous in Kenya, she believes that Equitel is a huge step towards complete financial inclusion of Kenya’s population. In a week, on average, Ann successfully signs up a hundred customers to the Equitel platform.

As an ambitious lady that she is, Ann has a lot of plans for the future – and she knows that she has very many options to choose from. She plans to study medicine, because she loves Biology and she is quite interested in the human anatomy. Alternatively, she loves statistics and she says that studying Actuarial science would also be a very good bet for her. Just like preceding top students from her school, she also hopes to study at top schools in the world such as Harvard University or the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

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