5 Must-Watch Movies in 2016 (if you haven’t already)

Here is a list of the most popular movies amongst teenagers in 2016. You’ve probably already seen most of these. We’re just checking. If there is any that you missed, you have to get the DVD before it’s old news.

(1) At the top of our list is Deadpool – Scoring 8.1/10 on IMDB and 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. Deadpool was released on February and it was kind of a hit.

It was the most unlikely superhero movie that came to the big screens. Deadpool features Ryan Reynolds’ deadpan and devious humor as a man who becomes an unlikely — and unwilling — superhero after being treated for cancer. Now he’s after the guy that turned his world upside down. It was a very funny and sarcastic movie that had a little bit of romance towards the end.

(2) Next, we have Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While the ratings are not very good (66% on IMDB) many teenies really loved this movie.

You would think that Batman and Superman would have a lot in common. They’re both orphans, have mild-mannered alter egos, hang out in capes, and, you know, are tasked to save the world from bad guys. But that doesn’t mean the two are in any way best buds. When the two finally meet, chaos breaks loose — just in time for another villain to rise up. Will the caped heroes work together for the greater good? In the meantime, it’s got us thinking: are you #TeamBatman or #TeamSuperman?

(3) Released on May 27th, at number 4, we have X-men Apocalypse.

Anything X-Men-related is usually incredible and with the eighth installment of the franchise coming, this will get you excited to see what’s in store. One of the most powerful and evil mutants is back and causing mayhem, and it’s up to a new generation of X-Men to come together and defeat their villain. Plus, did we mention Jennifer Lawrence? Yeah, she’s back as Mystique — and if the previous films (and the Hunger Games franchise) has taught us anything, it’s that girl knows how to kick serious ass in an action film.

(4) Finding Dory, released on June 17th, is pure magic!

After the crazy worldwide search to, uh, find Nemo, Pixar’s much-anticipated sequel has a different journey in mind. Dory, whose childhood memories are slowly returning, tries to go after and find her parents with the help of her two companions, Nemo and Marlin. If we can be of any help, our advice to you, Dory, would be to just keep swimming.

(5) And lastly, to complete our top 5 list is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This is actually not released yet but based on this trailer and on the reviews, we think it’s gonna be quite the thriller.

Unlike most movies this year, this film isn’t a sequel, but instead it’s a prequel. Based off of J.K Rowling’s book with the same name, this film takes place in New York City, about 70 years before Harry Potter’s story. The main character, Newt Scamander, opens a briefcase that releases magical creatures out into the No-Maj world (that’s the American term for muggle), and causes a whole lot of mayhem. In a nutshell, we can already tell this movie is going to be as enchanting as this teaser makes it out to be…and we can’t wait.

Do you have any other movies you think should be on this list? Tell us what you think.

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